Promise TV

Top-rated, family and faith-based programming, including entertaining and informative presentations by inspiring speakers that bring insight to the Bible. Engaging, motivational, stimulating.


Extreme Radio and Extreme TV are a non-profit ministry that was born on August 29, 2007. Our mission is to impact the world with the message of Jesus Christ, and through our ministry reach [...]


Aliento TV broadcasts Hispanic ministry programming including daily news from Latin America, talk show, music video and church sermons. This channel is dedicated to bringing religious content to [...]

Blessings TV

Reaching India so that no Indian will land in hell, but be delivered from sin and curses. The word of God to be made available to each and every home to have a direct communion with God day and [...]


The mission of WLPC is to provide a platform for the broadcasting of original program content, as well as ministry programs. Generating broadcast content which uplifts our society through various [...]